It made $700M worldwide. Virtually identical to Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Days of Future Past. Granted, it relied more on overseas money than any of the others and the studio doesn't get quite as much of that, but they did just fine on that one. » 10/30/14 7:47am Today 7:47am

I am not surprised that papers describing methods are the most cited. When I wrote a paper back in residency I described the method in detail which took about half a page. My adviser said "just say you did it by the method of Smith et al, and cite them." So if you come up with a method that gets used a lot, you are… » 10/30/14 6:53am Today 6:53am

Of course one knows that not every catholic is a crazy, loud mouthed, fundamentalist who refuses to accept overwhelming evidence and instead tries to integrate that evidence with their faith. But it's still nice to see someone say that publicly and steal the spot light a little from the irrational wack jobs. » 10/29/14 6:41am Yesterday 6:41am

Sleepy Hollow is still fun, but it is looking like it was built on gimmicks - like breakneck pace and Ichabod being a fish out of water who knew everybody in America in 1776 - and gimmicks only take you so far no matter how good the actors are. Sooner or later you need some substance. » 10/29/14 7:02am Yesterday 7:02am

I can't. It just gets too itchy and I feel too scruffy early on. Even when I go to the afternoon without shaving on Sundays I just can't bear it by about halftime of the early NFL games and have to do something about it. Otherwise I am constantly rubbing my face. » 10/28/14 9:18pm Tuesday 9:18pm

Go through third and fourth years of medical school, then an internship. You will be able to sleep anywhere. Under a truck? At a Ted Nugent concert while hopped up on speed? Watching my team at first and goal from the 5 with 17 seconds left in the Super Bowl, down 4 points? No problem. You learn to sleep when you can. » 10/28/14 8:26pm Tuesday 8:26pm

A friend of mine wrote a book and was trying to get it published. He found the phone number of a prominent New York Times Book critic on line and called her for advice. He assumed it was her work number, but he got her at home doing the dishes. She was kind enough to talk to him for an hour and mostly what she said… » 10/28/14 8:08pm Tuesday 8:08pm